South Florida Solar Power

(Photo-Voltaic) or Photo-Electric Systems
Solar power systems turn sunlight into electricity. Silicon wafers capture photons from sunlight and turn them into DC power, which is then transformed into 120 volt AC power. learn more

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Solar Hot Water Systems
The solar panel absorbs the sun's heat and passes it on to the water as it flows through the collector. The system is automatically controlled to maintain optimum temperatures. learn more

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Let The Sun Heat Your Pool
Heat your pool for free. Once the solar pool system is installed, the sun will provide all the energy to heat your pool. You can eliminate high monthly costs incurred with a heat pump. learn more

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First solar PV system in Lake Worth.
Watch the video to see the electric meter turn backwards!

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Solar Concepts is a Solar company operating in South Florida specializing in Domestic Hot Water, Pool Heating, and Photo-Electric Systems. We have been installing new systems, servicing and repairing old systems since 1979.

Solar Concepts takes pride in providing Florida homeowners the opportunity to improve their quality of life, while reducing their costs, through the use of "state of the art" solar energy equipment. continue to read more

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